Christmas Tree FAQs

Q: Will you provide the trees?
A: Yes, all trees will be supplied by us and will be about 5-6ft tall.

Q: I’d like to decorate a tree. How do I join in?
A: Contact us using the form on our website. Letters of invitation are being sent out during September and dealt with strictly in order of receipt. If all the trees have been allocated already, we will let you know and put you on the mailing list for next year.

Q: Do I have to follow a Christmas theme for my decorations?
A: Not at all. Let your imagination and creativity run wild! We only ask that it is tasteful and not likely to cause offence.

Q: Do you provide the tree lights?
A: No, but electrical sockets will be available.

Q: Can I borrow the tree stand at the end of the Festival?
A: Unfortunately this will not be possible.

Q: Will the name of my organisation be displayed?
A: Yes. All trees will have a standard size label at eye level detailing the company or organisation who has decorated the tree. In addition, you will be able to provide further advertising or information material to be placed at the foot of the tree but limited to a single A3 size space.

Q: Will there be a charge for taking part?
A: Yes, companies will be asked to pay £44 and non-profit organisations/individuals £22 to help cover the cost of the trees.

Q: How will the trees be allocated?
A: A “first come, first served” process will be used on the day set aside for decorating the trees (6th December 2018).

Q: When will the trees be decorated?
A: We have set aside Thursday 6th December (9am-9pm) for this activity. An evening session will be available to facilitate local companies out of their operating times.

Q: I don’t want my tree after the Festival? Can I leave it behind?
A: Yes. Once you have removed your decorations, let a steward know and your tree will be offered to others for a small donation. Decorations can be removed after ‘Carols in the Trees’ on Sunday evening or on Monday 10th December between 9.00 am and 12 noon. Decorations not cleared by midday will be removed for collection later.

Q: Can I bring someone in a wheelchair?
A: Certainly. Most of the church is accessible without using steps. You may prefer to come early on Saturday from 12pm onwards when we are less busy.

Q: Do you have toilet facilities?
A: Yes, toilets and baby changing facilites are available in the church.

Q: If I don’t have a tree this year, will I remain on your mailing list?
A: Yes. We will retain every name and address of those who have had a tree at a previous Festival until they ask us to remove them. It is important, therefore, that if the main contact name changes for any reason, we are advised using the contact form on this website.