Our Services

What's right for you?
8am Sunday, St Edburg's, BCP Eucharist
9.30 am Sunday, St Edburg's, Family Service
11.00am Sundays, St Edburg's, Holy Communion
10.00am Wednesdays, St Edburg's, Holy Communion
10.30am Sundays, Emmanuel Church, Informal Service
9.15am every second Sunday, St Laurence's Caversfield, Holy Communion
9.15am Sundays, St Peter's Bucknell, Holy Communion
8.00am first Sundays of the month, St Mary's Launton, BCP Eucharist
11.00am first Sundays, St Mary's Launton, Family Worship
11.00am third Sundays, St Mary's Launton, Family Communion
11.00am fourth & fifth Sundays, St Mary's Launton, Holy Communion
6:00pm second Sundays, St Mary's Launton, Sung Evensong
6:00pm fourth Sundays, St Edburg's, Evening Services