Baptism (sometimes called Christening) is the first step anyone takes in becoming a full member of the family of the Church. It can be taken on behalf of a child by parents, godparents and family, or as an adult taking an independent step in the Christian faith, supported by friends and loved ones. Both are equally welcome and encouraged at St Edburg’s.

Baptisms involve being covered in water three times (symbolising the three parts of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and receiving Oil of Chrism, which is a fragrant and expensive oil, in the shape of the cross on your forehead. Candidates are then given a candle as a symbol of the light of Christ in them, and to remind them of their entry in the church for the rest of their lives.

Candidates for adult baptism may wish to attend the confirmation classes held each year. You must be baptised before you can be Confirmed, but if you are a new Christian, these can be done in the same Confirmation service. Attending the classes in no way commits you to actually being Confirmed, or indeed baptised, but they are a good way of finding out about the life and works of Jesus Christ, and to understand how we in the Church attempt to live our daily lives in his service. Often, people who attend these classes wish to be baptised, even if they do not yet feel ready to commit themselves fully through Confirmation. It is possible to be baptised without attending Confirmation classes.

You can contact the Church Office regarding both infant and adult baptisms at