Confirmation is the last step a lay person can take to be a part of the family of the Church. It is a commitment to God, yourself, and the whole body of the community, that you believe in the faith of the Church, and pledge to try and live your life in the way of Christ. In taking this step in the journey, Christians find themselves able to better understand the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and the promises we make as Christians in return for his salvation.

Confirmation is a process as much as a service. Candidates for Confirmation attend classes where they learn about the beliefs of the Church, the life of Jesus, and how they can further commit themselves to working in His name. At the end of these voluntary classes, candidates can decide whether or not they wish to be Confirmed by the bishop, or whether they would prefer to wait until they feel ready. There is no obligation to be Confirmed after the classes, and you can choose to be baptised if you have not already been, as a sign of your continued life in the church.

Confirmation is usually a step taken in one’s mid to late teens, but many people embark upon the journey later in life and find fulfilment in what it offers. If you want to know more about Confirmation at St Edburg’s and how you can be involved, please email