Prayers for Reordering

    Prayer A

Dear God, who has lead, inspired and encouraged many generations of Christians in St. Edburg’s Church, we ask you to lead, inspire and encourage our generation. May we be as generous, committed and open as our forebears. May we diligently serve local people and give inspiration and leadership in our town as we repair and re-order our church. We seek always and in everything to fulfil our gospel calling. Through our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us. Amen

    Prayer B

Dear God, we remember with gratitude those who built, repaired and adapted St. Edburg’s Church for over 900 years. As we work to tackle the building challenges of our generation, we ask for your grace and hope; we ask for courage and determination. We trust in you to enable us to deliver work worthy of the place where we worship and serve you, almighty God. Through Thy son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen