Saint Edburg

Saint Edburg The patron saint of our church is Saint Edburg of Bicester.

Sometimes referred to as Edburga, or Eadburh, she was daughter of the great pagan warrior King Penda of Mercia, and was born around 620 AD. Though little is known about her, for a time she was a nun at Castor in Northamptonshire under her sister, Saint Cuneburga. However, with another sister, Saint Edith of Aylesbury, she built a small monastery, on land given by her father, at Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Here, the two educated their niece, Saint Osith. The villages of Adderbury and Edburton near Bicester are said to be named after Saint Edburg. In 1182, her relics were translated to Bicester Priory, a house of Augustinian Canons, and became a popular attractions with medieval pilgrims. However, in 1500, Pope Alexander VI ordered her remains to be removed and relocated to Flanders in Belgium, where they are presumed to remain, in an unknown location, to this day.The base of her shrine can still be seen at Stanton Harcourt.

She died at Aylesbury on 18th July 650 AD, and this was subsequently appointed her feast day.