½ truth’s!

This was one of the first things my first Rector shared with me way back in the 90’s.

“Don’t go with ½ truth’s you may have the wrong half!”

That line Rev. Alan shared with me has stayed with me and come to the fore time & time again, this week being one such example.

I and the KRA on Kingsmere have been working with a BBC 2 film crew for some month’s now, filming everything from Christingle to the arrival of our Post Box and cake delivery for new residents.

So you can sense something of our disappointment when on Wednesday of this week we gathered to watch the episode called, ‘the new developments are coming’. We watched open mouthed as the truth of our journey we had made to make Kingsmere a great community, a welcome community turned into something quite the opposite!

They played just about half the truth of what we had done, stood for, very disappointing but again reminding me of Alan’s words.

But it isn’t just the likes of the film industry that can misrepresent you, present half a truth which is misleading, government, politicians, church can do exactly the same.

So my simple thought to you is this; ‘what half of the truth of the Gospel have you got?’

Many of us have run with what others, the structure has told us, it was the same in Jesus day but he came as the truth, the truth that set’s us free (Jn 8:36)

Your faith, not being on film, is the most important decision, undertaking you’ll ever make, you got the whole truth? Half the truth, in which case what half?


Capt. John