Behind and Before

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

~William Morrow~

I start with this quote by William Morrow with the sound of the sermons preached on Friday in my ears; there during that pressured moment the Gospel of Mark was expanded, explained albeit in 7 minutes!

But there were a couple of phrases, lines that held me, Mark in his Gospel speaks of; the past, the possible future but also our present state, the ‘here & now?’

And at this point in the year you could be where I am in my thinking, planning and preparation for the festive season, reflecting on how last year was? Hoping, which may come from the Hebrew verb; qawa [h”w’q] which our first Advent candle represents, that this Christmas may be as good?

But in all this looking back and forward I miss the moment, the magic of the now and all God in His goodness & grace is allowing me to know and experience right here, right now ,(which Fat Boy slim picked up in the lyrics of his song of the same name)

Jesus wants us to be expectant, He wants us to understand from where we have come, what that cost Him so that we may know Him, but He wants us like the angels that were told surround the God Head in heaven to be present, be ‘in the room’ to use youth jargon.

If we are children of God then the fullness of the God Head lives within us, a promise Jesus made to those who choose to follow Him, that fullness doesn’t turn on when the tree lights go on, then disappear with decoration when they’re returned to the loft never to be seen again until next December! No it’s an ever present reality, a 24×7 life lived in union with God the Father, God the son and God the Holy spirit and it lies within us.

I hope you enjoy as I intend to enjoy Christmas with those God has given me to do so, that which He’s blessed me with but may I and I pray you live in the ‘now’ the fullness, Jn 10:10, the moment which you and God ‘within’ share together

God Bless & Merry Christmas

Capt. John