May 27th is Trinity Sunday, one of the Church’s great festivals that reminds us that we worship God who is three in one, and one in three. God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

None of us can hope to understand let alone explain the Holy Trinity. It took the early Church Fathers years to come up with an approved doctrine of the Trinity. The more we try to understand or explain the Trinity, the more we are trying to pin God down.

God is both awesome and majestic, completely beyond our understanding, language and imagination; but God is also deeply personal.

The image of God as Father reminds us that we all have a basic need of parenting, whatever our age; someone to look up to, to be loved and nurtured by and to be shown how to live our lives and share our lives with others. Dare we imagine God, the creator of the universe taking us in his arms and saying, “It is good”?

The image of God as Son – of God becoming human in the person of Jesus reminds us that we are never alone. God identifies totally with the human condition. So, whatever we experience in life God the Son has already experienced it – and supremely through his suffering on the cross. God the Son shows us the potential of our humanity; how we can change from fear to trust; from resentment to love. New life is possible in every situation through the power of Christ’s resurrection.

And the image of God as Holy Spirit – the Go-between God, the Communicator who is as mysterious and as powerful as the wind is there to enable us to let go and let God fill our lives with power and love. When we don’t know how to pray, the Holy Spirit can communicate through us as St Paul said: “with sighs too deep for words”. When we don’t know what to say to another person, the Holy Spirit will guide us. God, the Holy Spirit is our enabler in every situation.

God’s love within the mystery of the Trinity is so great that it spills over to include each one of us and to meet our deepest needs.

Diana Glover