Who’s that then!

There’s a very interesting moment we need to note in Luke’s Gospel, it’s the conversation in chapter 10 between Jesus & the Lawyer, the Lawyer has asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life? Jesus reply’s with the two greatest commandments, to which the Lawyer, knowing his opponent was no walk in the park, comes back with this in verse 29.

‘Who is my neighbour?’

Clever that and we need to note this as I said at the beginning because as long as the ‘neighbour’ is un-identifiable we don’t have to do anything do we? The Lawyer was just fencing with words and his pride but there is a serious point here in this conversation, it’s a ‘get out of jail’ free card, it’s a’ well if I knew who that was I could go to them?’

Jesus doesn’t give us a get out of jail card, he made it clear that the second commandment about our neighbour was as important as the first, loving God, the two are equal so identification is immaterial; it is but a red herring. The Lawyer is caught out as the text goes on to show but us, what about us? Do we use this verse, approach to sharing the best not simply ‘good’ news with our neighbour, whoever that happens to be?

So in this thought for the week I want you to ponder that, see the equality of the commandments Jesus quotes, see the squirming of the Lawyer who sought to justify his life, his actions, his lack of love of his neighbour! Put yourself in the picture of Luke 10, then talk to God and wait, he has an answer for you, all you have to do is decide, Lawyer-Law or Love?

Be good

Capt. John