St Peter’s Church, Bucknell

St Peter's Church, Bucknell

About St Peter's

We are one of 5 churches that make up the Bicester Area Team. We are based in the village of Bucknell on the North-West outskirts of Bicester town meeting in the beautiful building of St Peter’s Church on Bainton Rd.

We are very much a village church and you’ll soon get to recognise the familiar faces. We hold a weekly Sunday service at 9.15am – the church bell serves as a morning alarm clock to many in the village!

We also love getting together for social events through the year and the highlight for many is our special Harvest evening service and our Christmas Carol service followed by mince pies and mulled wine.

Our church building is open daily – please remember it has been a place of prayer for many over the years and we hope that you might find it a special place too.
You’ll find more details about our church services and events on these pages.

In the meantime,
May there always be work for your hands to do.
May your purse always hold a coin or two.
May the sun always shine upon your window pane.
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near to you and
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
(Traditional Blessing)

History & Heritage

The parish church of Saint Peter has a Norman tower. The nave and chancel were enlarged in the 13th century in the Early English style. In the 15th century the bell stage was added to the bell tower and the Perpendicular Gothic clerestory was added to the nave.

Bucknell Village has a website giving more local community information which can be viewed here.

For more detailed information about the history of the village of Bucknell, church and local manor click here.

Baptisms at St Peter's

Baptisms also known as a Christening

Baptism means that your child will become a Christian – a member of Christ’s family. Baptism is the first step in their journey of faith.
During the service we use the three symbols of baptism: oil, water and light. Olive oil will be used to make a cross on the child’s forehead, water is used as a sign that we are washed clean ready for new life, and a lighted candle will be presented to the child to remind us that the light of Christ has entered their life.
We are happy to baptise children whose parents live in the Bicester Team Ministry Area which covers Bicester, Caversfield, Bucknell and Launton. If you’d like to arrange a baptism, come along one Sunday morning and speak to the Vicar at the end of the service or telephone the Revd Becky Mathew on 01869 324153. We make no charge for a baptism service but appreciate donations.
Godparents: A Special Friendship
You choose up to 4 godparents for your child. They each need to have been baptised themselves. They may be friends or relatives, but it is important that they will consider the role of godparent an honour and a privilege. A godparent is a friend, mentor and role model to their godchild. The godparents’ part in the service is an important one. They speak for the child and promise to be the best person they can be for that child. The church understands that godparents will nurture the seed of faith sown in the child at baptism; that they will act as support and encouragement in the years to come and finally, with the parents bring the child to a point in their life where they want to make for themselves, the promises that were made on their behalf as a baby. We call the next step Confirmation.


If you’ve already been baptised and are aged over 12 years old, you might like to think about being confirmed. It involves confirming for yourself the promises made by parents and god-parents at our baptisms and taking responsibility for our own religious faith. It is a time when you publicly declare that you want to belong to the Church.
Our team churches offer courses for both adults and children who might like to think about being confirmed. It’s a chance to find out more about the Christian faith and discover if you’d like to keep following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Adult Baptism & Confirmation

If you are an adult and are thinking about being baptised and confirmed please get in touch with the St. Edburgs Church Office

Weddings at St Peter's

If you or your fiancé live in either Launton village or Bucknell and are getting married in a Church of England church elsewhere, your banns of marriage will usually need to be called in one of the Benefice churches: St Edburg’s Bicester, St Mary’s Launton, St Peter’s Bucknell, St Lawrence Caversfield or Emmanuel Church. You will be sent a letter inviting you to attend the Sunday service to hear your banns being called. We will arrange for your banns to be called and for a banns certificate to be issued.

Your banns will normally be called at the 9.15am Sunday service at St Peter’s Bucknell or the 11am Sunday Service at St Mary’s Launton on three consecutive Sundays two months before your wedding.

You can legally be married at St Mary’s or St Peter’s if you or your fiancé live in the Bicester Team Ministry Area or you are a regular church member. You may also be married at St Peter’s, Bucknell or St Mary’s Launton if you fulfil one of the following requirements:

• That one of you has at any time lived in the Bicester Team Ministry Area for a period of at least 6 months or
was baptised in the parish concerned or
was prepared for confirmation in the parish or has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months or
• That one of your parents, at any time after you were born has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months or
• That one of your parents or grandparents was married in the parish

Please telephone the Parish Office 01869 323375 for further information

Wedding Blessing

For some couples a church marriage may be not an option but we are able to undertake services of blessing for a marriage that has been registered in a civic registry office. A thanksgiving service for marriage may also be an option for those wanting to celebrate a special wedding anniversary or those who may be wishing to renew their marriage vows.

Service Times

Every Sunday

Holy Communion
A family friendly service using Common Worship.

Find Us

The Church's address is:

St Peter's Church,
Bainton Rd,
OX27 7LS