Christmas Tree Festival - FAQ

Festival FAQs


Q: I’d like to decorate a tree. How do I join in? 

A: Complete the sponsorship form attached or on our website and get it to our church office along with your payment. We’ll then reserve you a lovely 5-6ft tall tree.

Q: Do I have to follow a Christmas theme for my decorations? 

A: We’d like there to be an overall message of Hope and Light this year. Beyond that it’s up to you, so long as it’s tasteful and not likely to cause offence. Please don’t use spray on the trees.

Q: Do you provide the tree lights? 

A: No. Your tree will be ready in a stand with an allocated electrical socket for your LED lights. Please don’t use battery ones.

Q: Will the name of my organisation be displayed? 

A: Yes. All trees will have a standard size label at eye level. In addition, you’re welcome to place a single A4 or A3 advert or information board at the foot of your tree. No leaflets or other materials this year please.

Q: When can I decorate my tree? 

A: On Thursday 2nd, 9.00am-9.00pm. 

Q: I don’t want my tree after the Festival? Can I leave it behind? 

A: Of course. Just let us know. Once you have removed your decorations, your tree will be offered to others for a small donation. Decorations can be removed on Monday, 6th December  7.30-9.30am. Decorations not cleared by 10.00am will be bagged for collection.

Q: Can I bring someone in a wheelchair? 

A: Certainly. The trees will all be accessible without using steps. 

Q: Do you have toilet facilities? 

A: Yes, toilets are available in the church.

Q: If I don’t have a tree this year, will I remain on your mailing list?

A: In accordance with GDPR regulations, we are asking permission to retain your contact details unless requested to remove them. PLEASE COMPLETE ‘YES’ OR ‘NO’ ON THE BOOKING SLIP.


Any further questions, please call the church office on 01869 323458.