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Review of COVID restrictions at St Edburg’s Church -

Summary of decisions from meeting of Acting Rector and Churchwardens

Service timings - St Edburg's: 

Sunday (in Church and via Zoom): 10:30    

Wednesday (via Zoom only): 10:00

Services -  Kingsmere

Services - St Mary's / St Peter's / St Laurence 


We have reviewed our Covid 19 risk assessment for St Edburg’s Church to form the following key operating principles for all users of our Church building. We invite all hirers to supply the Office with a copy of their own risk assessment.


Entering & Exiting the Church

  • The main entrance is the North door. The South door is our accessible entrance.

  • For large services/events, we encourage the South door to be used as the exit.

  • All visitors to sign in at the main door. For Sunday service, stewards will mark a register. For other events, the organizer is responsible for holding a list in case of subsequent illness.


Ventilation & Distancing

  • The North door should remain open during all services / events.

  • The South door should be open whenever weather permits.

  • For services, chairs will be laid out in rows, maintaining a 1m space between rows. For social events, seating may be rearranged but care should be taken over spacing, and rows must be replaced afterwards.



  • Masks should be worn when entering the building and throughout services, especially when singing.

  • Masks may be removed temporarily to receive communion, address the congregation/audience or to lead singing.


Sanitising & Cleaning

  • Hands should be sanitized when entering the Church.

  • Please sanitize hands before using the toilet facilities and wipe the toilet seat after use before washing your hands thoroughly.

  • Please sanitize your hands prior to addressing the congregation / audience if using the lecterns.

  • After each service / event, touch points and tables should be wiped down with materials supplied, all bins emptied (including toilets and servery), and waste put in the appropriate bin outside.

  • Professional cleaners attend the Church once a week.


Service arrangements

  • We will continue to offer main services online for those unable or unwilling to attend in person at this time.

  • We are not currently sharing books or bibles in church. Orders of service, hymns & songs, bible readings and notices are circulated electronically prior to livestreamed services.

  • During services we will show order of service and songs on the screens. A few printed copies will be made available, which will then be quarantined or recycled.


Facilities for Children

  • Our children’s area remains out of use, although books or toys may be brought from home for individual use.

  • There is a baby change unit in the accessible toilet cubicle.



  • The servery is available for use as required but masks must be worn, and food items should be served individually and not offered on shared plates.

  • All cups etc. must be placed in the dishwasher after use and the programme run according to instructions provided.


Feeling Unwell with COVID Symptoms

  • We request that you stay at home and follow the government guidelines. Please inform the Office or a churchwarden if you become unwell during or after attending a service / event.


October 2021