Bicester Team Ministry

Lifting of COVID restrictions at St Edburg’s Church -

Summary of decisions from meeting of Acting Rector and Churchwardens

19 July 2021


Our overarching principle is one of exercising prudence in gradually lifting covid restrictions and asking everyone to work with us out of consideration of others and being particularly mindful of those who remain vulnerable or anxious.


  • Susan (Church Administrator)  has already asked people to book for next Sunday (25th July) but we will be happy to welcome walk-ins. Thereafter we will provide a generic register, based on recent services so the stewards can tick folk off as they arrive or add them on blank lines. Anyone they don’t recognise should be asked to give name and phone number as previously.

  • We’ll retain the QR codes to aid test and trace.

  • We will keep the north and south doors open throughout the service.

  • More chairs will be placed in each row, leaving random gaps to allow people to sit a little apart if they prefer. Each row will be a clear metre from the one in front to allow people to move about more easily.

  • People are requested to continue to use hand sanitiser when they arrive and to wear face masks. A notice on the main entrance will read “In this time of transition, we’d be grateful if you’d continue to wear a mask inside this church”.

  • Masks should continue to be worn throughout the service, including during congregational singing of hymns and worship songs.

  • The choir should remain at six members during August, singing in front of the high altar. We will consult all members as to whether they would be ready to return to a full choir singing in the stalls later in the year if the course of the pandemic permits.

  • Similarly, the worship group should stay as now.

  • Each hymn/song should remain a maximum of three verses only. These will be printed on a new hymn sheet for each Sunday and given out with the service booklet.

  • Holy Communion will continue to be administered in one kind only, taken in a circle round the nave altar for the time being.

  • The Peace should continue to be shared without actual touching, eg a wave / BSL / namaste.

  • Anyone having a “speaking part” in the service may remove their mask at that point and then replace it immediately.

  • We are unable to routinely offer refreshments after services.


Although these decisions are primarily aimed at our main Sunday service, they also apply to weddings, baptisms and funerals until further notice.