Youth Groups within the Church community vary in many aspects - there is something for everyone.

On the first Saturday of the month the youth meet in St Edburg's School on Kingsmere.  The evening follows the following agenda:

  • Sports activities

  • Food

  • Reflection teaching on a chosen subject

Being in the school opens up the opportunity for group members to invite their friends who can join them for all or part of the activities.

On the third Saturday of the month the youth meet in the Upper Room in the Church Hall.

This is a totally unstructured and laid back session where the youth can socialise over food - just having a space to meet and chill.

On both the first and third Saturday nights an older age group meet for a more serious look at Scripture which is chosen by the group, it might be something they want to study or an area they are struggling with.

These meetings are held either in Costa or the School.