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The Purpose of St Edburg’s Foundation

St Edburg’s Foundation has been established to bring together those who value this ancient building and who appreciate its contribution to Bicester. We believe it is important to sustain and enhance its heritage among the wider community. It is our link with the past, it serves the present and will shape our vision for the future, enabling it to meet the needs of today’s community.

St Edburg's Church from the Causeway

You may not be a member of the church, but you may often pass by. Many visitors remark on the impressive building, its evident history and sense of timelessness.  Have you ever been inside the building? It is one of the largest covered areas in Bicester and is used for many events other than Church services.   You may have attended a christening, a wedding or a funeral in St Edburg’s; or you may have attended a concert or an exhibition.  If you have, then you will understand the special place that this Church has in the life of the town.

Preserving the Heritage of St Edburg’s Church is our aim. We do this by assembling exhibitions and walks around the Church and the precincts to draw attention to the many points of interest which tell the story of the Church’s history. If you can offer to help in stewarding or refreshments at these events, please let us know.

The Foundation Committee, who are Trustees of the Foundation, are

  •  The President - currently vacant

  •  Christopher Young, Chair

  • Janet Puddick, Secretary

  • Ian Mortiboys, Treasurer

  • Cathy Day, Membership

  • Victor Puddick

You may wish to apply for membership of the Foundation to help our work. It is open to non-church and church members. 


Membership fees: annual contribution of £10 (couples £15) payable in November. We would encourage setting up a Standing Order (see attached)  Benefits are newsletters and invitations to events. 

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