Thought of the week

Jesus Christ says: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of Life.” (John 8.12)


This is my favourite time of the year. Those lovely nights when the darkness falls earlier and earlier every day, fog and mist, drizzling rain and the wonderful smell of rotting leaves and damp soil.  I simply love it – always have done from when I was a child.

Back at school my classmates despaired of my love for autumn weather and, during my first curacy back in Germany, our Parish Secretary struggled to understand my cheerfulness on a cold November morning; she loved the heat and the sun (of which we had plenty on Lake Konstanz) but got rather depressed when the nights drew in and the reflections of flawless blue sky in the lake gave way to thick fog that surrounded the shore. 

Years ago someone gave me the advice “just shut up and move to England” – so that’s what I have done. Believe it or not, I came (amongst other things) for the weather ... and I haven’t been disappointed!


On dark and miserable nights it is something quite wonderful to light a candle and watch the light brightening up its surroundings and shining into dark corners. The flame of the candle reminds us that light is stronger than darkness.


I can indulge in the luxury of enjoying autumn and its unpredictable weather because I have a house which I can call home, can light a fire, cuddle up in my bed under a warm quilt and feel safe and secure. 

Bur not everyone is so fortunate. Even in this country many are homeless and hundreds of children live on the streets of our towns and cities because of problems at home.



As a Christian community it is our calling to remember and care for those who are in need – whether it is abroad or at home. 

Our Christingle services are not only enjoyable occasions but also a wonderful way to support the work of the Church of England’s Children’s Society who offer help to vulnerable children; children who face homelessness, neglect and poverty. The Children’s Society offers these children a listening ear, someone to rely on and practical help. 

Our Christingle celebrations give us the opportunity to bring the light of Christ into the darkness of the lives of vulnerable children.



May the light that is Jesus lead you always. 

May your heart be more for the people around you than for yourself. 

May your resolve be to reach out in love and walk alongside those in need with God’s generous compassion. 

And may your life be a witness of the blessing that comes with giving, for the sake of all God’s children, and for the glory of God’s name.



Christingle Service at St Edburg’s - Christmas Eve at 4pm!